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Print my Poster to Promote my Campaign 2014

Hey everyone,
Here's an opportunity to print my poster. You can email it to your local OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, or other copy location to print on card-stock size 11" x17" - You can print it on Black and White or Color. Either way it will look great and help promote my campaign. Just click the image to enlarge and save on your computer:
Write In Sponheim in 2014


This is David Sponheim, I am very sad to say that our State is not allowing anyone to run as a write in candidate in the general election if they did not receive top 2 status in the primary for the same office. My primary that I paid four hundred and twenty dollars and 6 cents to enter was sabotaged by my competitors. There is no provision for any redress of this terrible crime and violation of my civil rights. I had five large signs 3 to 5 feet in length stolen almost as soon as I put them up. I also had 50 signs stolen or destroyed by my competitors.

Repeal Septic Inspection Requirement

The government decided to require homeowners with septic tanks to have them inspected at a cost to the homeowner. Any homeowner who refused to do so, was threatened with fines for non-compliance. I believe this law, passed without a vote by the people themselves, is ridiculous and needs to be repealed as soon as possible. This law invades the privacy and personal freedom of homeowners.

Recreational Marijuana

I will work hard to carry out the wishes the people voiced when voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use. For too long, our government has postponed the licensing of retail outlets for the sale of marijuana. Nearly two years ago, the people of Washington State voted to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, yet the state government has stalled the implementation of this law. Although the banking restrictions regarding marijuana have been lifted, the state government continues to halt the progress needed to bring this is law into fruition.

Blackface Video Response

First off, Thank you for promoting the blackface video by discussing it. It was originally made in 2008, and prophesied the breakdown of the U.S. economy and relations with key countries like Pakistan. In 2008, I realized no average man would ever get any main stream media attention. The media was clearly controlled by powerful, wealthy people and their agenda was to control the U.S. government. So, I launched an aggressive campaign to get National attention.

END the TSA! Freedom First, Then Security!

Our Nation currently pays nearly 2 Million Active Duty Military a good salary. Plain clothed National Guard members could replace the TSA and save Airlines and Passengers a great deal of money on travel. Plus, we could end the controversial use of Rapid Scan Units on people. It is a shame that the deployment of the Rapid Scan Units is costing $24 Billion. Instead these Units could be tasked to detect dangerous materials in Luggage. Nearly 85% of all luggage entering the United States is still Unchecked!

America's Propaganda Machine

Most people don't know this, but the mainstream media is completely controlled by government censors. The most recent Press Conference by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona regarding Obama's forged Birth Certificate, was suppressed in the media. CLICK FOR PROOF This type of media manipulation is not unprecedented in US history. As far back as the 1930s, FDR used similar tactics to prevent Father Coughlin, an Anti War activist with 30 million followers, from broadcasting on the radio.

GMOs Endanger Our Health! Act Now!


Please Sign this petition to the CEO of Walmart to stop use of GMO corn.

Genetically Modified Organisms affect the whole food chain and will cause many health risks.

Will Work For Votes!

Imagine the President of the Future Generation holding up a sign saying "Will Work For Votes".

Well, that is how our political situation is turning out. Previous Presidents have been so ineffective that the job of President has become merely an elaborate hoax.


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